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DSL Testing - iScan

The DSL Problem

The explosive demand for broadband services has accelerated the development of access network transmission technologies that greatly increase the bandwidth available over conventional wire-line circuits.  Incumbent Service Providers (ILECs/  PTTs/ TELCOs) are searching for cost-effective solutions that help to quickly and accurately assess the xDSL suitability of their wire-line inventory.

Time-to-market pressure, stringent Service Level Agreement requirements, slim product margins and reduced capital equipment budgets combine to make the situations seemingly untenable.  Given no alternative to huge, budget-draining xDSL implementation costs, these service providers have been using their existing records, crude line length calculations, or manual/spot testing techniques to identify problematic lines.

The results have proven to be less than acceptable !

The iScan Solution

Porta Systems Internet Services Coverage ANalysis (i.Scan) is a sophisticated system for evaluating copper wire-line circuits to determine their suitability for new high-speed digital services.  i.Scan is the result of innovative research into improved methods for single ended line qualification and enhanced modeling of twisted pair performance at high frequencies.  Porta Systems patented algorithms have been combined with existing best-in-class line test system technology - based on the Sherlock MkIII remote test unit - to provide a unique solution to the need to classify and evaluate the capabilities of the existing copper network infrastructure.i.Scan is an essential tool for any network operator or service provider deploying DSL technology to provide broadband services.

i.Scan is a centralized system that accurately pre-qualifies telephone lines for DSL services. Using a rules based technology and patented narrow-band measurement techniques i.Scan can accurately predict the broadband performance of a single loop or an entire network.

  • Classifies loops for single or multiple DSL services
  • Periodic testing of part or whole network
  • Configurable rules engine easily tailored to match DSL services offered
  • Detects network impairments that will affect DSL services
  • Maintains a database of qualified loops for on line access by planning, marketing and sales organizations
Key Benefits:
  • Single-ended qualification reduces truck rolls and saves the cost and time of field testing - faster service fulfillment and lower deployment costs.
  • Identifies all viable services - sell the optimum service and maximize revenue and customer satisfaction !
  • Survey the network - identify service coverage and make the best use of network assets, plan network up lift and grooming.

Historically, i.Scan has been coupled with the Porta Systems Sherlock MkIII remote test unit for a robust POTS testing and xDSL qualification solution.  Incumbent Service Providers have now requested an even more cost-effective solution to xDSL pre-qualification that can coexist with their ‘legacy’ POTS test system thus preserving their investment in equipment and staff training and eliminating the need for additional wired-line access arrangements.


i.Scan Brochure