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Software Consultancy and Contracting

Our software consultancy division handles the supply of contract software design/development staff and also is available to handle your bespoke software design requirements, in-house.

We can supply a variety of skills, using the expertise from our software developers, though we look to supply a skills base using Microsoft .NET languages, mainly C# and VB.NET. We have experience in developing using smart clients, and web forms clients using a variety of .NET version, including the recently released .NET 3.5.

Also contact us to discuss your bespoke software development requirements, as we are competetive and can develop a product the meets your requirements in a timely and competitive fashion.

  • C#.NET
  • Visual Basic 6 and .NET
  • Winforms
  • XML
  • MSVC++ on Widows NT/2000/XP/Vista
  • C/C++ on Unix (HP-UX/Tru64) and Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • MFC
  • ProC & PL/SQL (for Oracle 9i),
  • ODBC, ADO and OLEDB for MS SQL Server