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MLR - Trouble Ticketing System

MLR2000 is a robust and highly scalable system for managing network faults and ensuring speedy and efficient resolution. The application is based around an expert system that analyses problem reports or network events and determines the root cause and fault location.

  • Expert system front end guides operators through complex fault reporting, analysis and dispatch functions 
  • Configurable fault types, dispatch queues and routing of repair orders
  • Trouble ticketing and workflow
  • On line jeopardy alerts and escalation based on SLA
  • Full customer history and detailed transaction logs provide valuable feedback on repair efficiency and performance
  • Common cause analysis and notification of network outages
  • Integrates with test systems and other network elements for automated or operator driven fault localization
Key Benefits:
  • Expert system guides unskilled operators. Minimizes training overheads and maximizes repair organization effectiveness
  • Detailed reports provide visibility of system, operator and field technician performance. Highlights bottlenecks and improves efficiency and responsiveness to customers' reports
  • On line records and fault history assist with fault close out at earliest opportunity thereby reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction