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Line Test - LTS2000

LTS2000 Test Manager

LTS2000 is a centralized UNIX and Linux based test manager that controls the testing of customer loops by Remote Test Units distributed at exchange or other remote locations. The test manager performs scheduled as well as real time testing of circuits that provide POTs and DSL services. A central test system can consist of single or multiple test managers to provide resilience and scalability.

  • Accurately identifies faults and probable location in the network. Expert rules are easily configured and can be optimized for network characteristics
  • Performs automated (scheduled) testing of part or complete access network
  • Provides real time testing for fault reception, diagnostic and close out of faults
  • Integrates with high level OSS using published APIs
  • Interface also availabe as Web Services
  • Supports multiple protocols for communication with RTUs and Network Elements (X.25, TCP/IP, async, modem etc)
  • Self tuning database learns directory number location to track portable numbers
  • Direct interfaces to exchanges and other Network Elements provides enhanced diagnostic capability
  • Windows based clients including Test Desk, Routine Test client, and Alarm Monitoring for intuitive interface (Click Hereclick here, or on the "Other Functions" or "Test Desk" PC's in the image above for a more comprehensive list and sample screenshots.
Key Benefits:
  • Accurate fault location minimizes repair time and costs. Improves customer satisfaction by reducing disruption of service
  • Automated fault diagnosis minimizes operator error and reduces training overheads. Reduces operating costs and supports flow through testing when integrated with other OSS
  • Proactive testing identifies incipient network failure and facilitates pre-emptive maintenance. Improves perceived quality of service for customers and allows the network operator to plan maintenance activities more efficiently
  • Redundant architecture supports high availability. Provides non stop mission critical service
  • Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux)
  • HP-UX
  • Legacy support for Tru64 on Alpha
  • Client applications run on Windows 2000 through Windows Vista (the newer clients require the .NET Framework)