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Company Overview

Torkard Technology Ltd was founded in May 2004 primarily as a software consultancy business. At that time we also offered Web Site design services, and DVD Transfer (VHS, and Cine Super-8). In July 2007 we purchased the license to support, develop and supply Porta's OSS Line Test product range, including the Line Test Manager LTS2000 and the xDSL Pre-Qualification/Line Test system iScan. Since then we have rationalised our range of services, dropping DVD Transfer, and creating an OSS Divison to handle the Line Test/Pre-Qualification product range, and a software consultancy division to handle supply of contract software design/development staff and to handle your bespoke software design requirements in-house.

Torkard Technology registered offices are in Nottingham in the East Midlands (and we have representatives working in Nuneaton in the West Midlands). You can find us below:

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Past and present customer's include :-
  • Cyprus Telecommunications Authority
  • Go  (Malta Telecom)
  • Manx Telecom
  • Transmission Only
  • Tadpole Technology plc
  • Imass Ltd.

Torkard Technology takes enviromental concerns seriously. You can see our Environment Statement on the linked page.